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In a world consumed by bots, noise and breaking-news, The Hotpot gives you carefully-curated writings with lasting value on climate solutions.

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Mainstream news media and statistics about climate change often paint a predominantly negative, alarming, and dire picture of the earth’s trajectory. Climate change is a highly urgent matter that affects everyone, highlighting life uncertainty, and calling for more awareness and collective action, but can also feel daunting and overwhelming at times.

Research shows that news that is only about what’s wrong with the world causes readers to disengage. The Hotpot is for those who’d like to learn about solving the climate problem, without feeling overwhelmed and disencouraged. The newsletter is a steady diet of solution-focused reporting. We curate the best articles in the field that explore responses to specific environmental problems—critically examining problem-solving efforts that have the potential to scale.

We aim to surprise and delight you with pieces you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. In an ideal world, journalists would be leading a global conversation on how to solve climate change. They would highlight what works and doesn’t work, keep politicians and businesses accountable, and point to ways that governments, organisations, communities, and individuals can respond.

In a world consumed by bots, noise, and breaking news, The Hotpot gives you carefully-curated writings of lasting value, prioritising the best rather than the latest.

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On Saturdays, you’ll receive our Best of the Week for which we select the very finest, so you’ll always have something to read. Every recommended article is provided with our original explanation of why this piece of writing is worth your attention.

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We provide a level of discussion about the articles that we recommend, which we hope has value in itself. We’d like to think subscribers subscribe to The Hotpot primarily to read the newsletter for our account of what we’ve been reading, as opposed to a source of links from which they can click through to the target pieces. So we do not simply collect links, but curate content carefully, and reveal the reasoning behind why it’s worth the read.

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