Why Germany won’t give up on ending nuclear power, And More

In this edition of The Hotpot: four recommended long-form articles and a video from journalists and experts in the field, to stay up to date on how to solve climate change.

4 stories of the week


Nuclear Power | Zia Weise | Politico| Germany closed its final three power plants last Saturday. Meanwhile, the debate rumbles on between those who want to end dependence on a technology they consider unsustainable and dangerous and those who see it as a reliable source of low-carbon energy at a time when drastic cuts in the earth’s pollution are needed. Why Germany won´t give up on giving up nuclear.


City heatwaves adaptations | Laura Millan LombranaHayley Warren, and Jeremy Scott Diamond | Bloomberg | Some of the best ways to lower temperatures in an overheated metropolis come from nature and the wisdom of ancient civilizations that invented city living. Others adapt the latest technological innovations. Here’s a look at the neighborhoods that managed to curb the most extreme heat.


Carbon Removal | John Fialka | Scientific American | As most carbon capture technologies focus on removing carbon from the atmosphere, some scientists are looking to capture it from the oceans instead.


Nuclear Power | Germany quits nuclear power, closing its final three plants. Why Germany won´t give up nuclear.

And a video

Green building: can mushrooms help?

The Economist | 6:49 min | Youtube

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